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$5 Appetizers: Enjoy from a selection of our more popular appetizers | 5 - 10pm

½ price bottles of Feature Wines  | 5-10pm

(Choose a bottle from our Feature Wine list)

$4 Pints of 50, Bud Light, Wellington | 5pm - close


   $5 Pints of Feature Cider all day!
Albion Hotel Dinner for Two| 5-9pm
2 for 1 Feature Entrée Night!


 Kitchen Céilidh

$5 BURGERS - Albion Classic or Albion Original Vegetarian | 4-7pm!
$5 Pints of Alexander Keith’s | 5-9pm


You’ve survived until Thursday, this calls for a cocktail!
$5 Glasses of Feature Wine, Martinis and Cocktails | 5 - 11pm
Upstairs - Gosh Damn Thursdays
DJ STARTS @ 10pm


The Albion After Work Cocktail Party!

COMPLIMENTARY MUSSEL BAR | 5PM While supplies last!
$5 BURGERS - Albion Classic or Albion Original Vegetarian | 4-7pm 



The Albion Hotel’s Classic Brunch | (coming soon)
Upstairs - Get the Funk Out Saturdays - Doors open @ 10pm


The Albion Hotel’s Classic Brunch (coming soon)
$5 pints of Mill Street | 5pm - close





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Joel Richardson

Joel Richardson

I was born in Canada in 1971 and grew up in the small town of Owen Sound. From my early years playing in forests and canoeing with my father I loved exploring the world. This spirit of exploration lead me to begin traveling on my own at the age of 17.

In 1991, in the Israel Negev desert I began to paint. For the remainder of the decade I would flee the economic struggles I was facing as a young artist by traveling to paint in Kenya, Guatemala, Nepal, the West Indies, as well as Europe and urban and wilderness locations across North America. These experiences would supply me with a wealth of imagery and ideas that would have a huge impact on my art.

Moving parallel to these thematic explorations was an ever-increasing embrace of new technologies. As my work moved further and further from portraiture, bringing in influences from around the world, I began to explore the possibilities brought on by the proliferation of digital technologies. My early use of photography in portraits had lead me to begin digitalizing and manipulating images and then placing them into my paintings. Already using photography as a tool, I began to use small format film and digital video cameras to document my adventures. By the late 1990’s I was combining video installation into the exhibition of my mixed media paintings.

By the turn of the millennium, my work had become truly multi disciplinary, by this time dominating the spaces they occupied. Featuring paintings, sculptures, installation and video components my work has come to reflect the diverse concepts that have inspired my work.